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Christian's Thoughts


Listen to Christian Burke deliver his convocation speech to class of 2024 graduates of the Cate School.


Listen to Refik Anadol Studio (RAS) in conversation with NVIDIA’s Brian Dowdy as they discuss how their unique AI workflow helps connect their art with a purpose to make a positive impact on the world.


How “Winds of Yawanawá” Empowers Indigenous Peoples

Pile of Newspapers

Christian Burke's article is featured in this 2023 roundup of top Towards Data Science articles


A quick case study on my experience with dimension reduction studies.

PyTorch 2023 Conference Keynote with Refik Anadol and Christian Burke

The impact of AI on the creative arts, and the rise of AI collaborative artists.

Christian Burke Walking
Christian Burke Blog

The role of humans in the creative process when working with AI in digital art and media.

Christian Burke Pytorch Conference 2022

Machine Hallucinations with Refik Anadol & Christian Burke

Interview with Refik Anadol and Christian Burke

Pytorch Community voices with Christian Burke
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