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About Christian Burke

Christian Burke is the Head of Engineering & Lead Data Scientist at Refik Anadol Studio (RAS) based in Los Angeles, CA. With a focus on merging artistry with cutting-edge technology, RAS crafts immersive public art installations by harnessing the power of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. In his leadership role, Burke oversees a diverse team of specialists in machine learning, AI, and data science, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


In his tenure at RAS, Burke has pushed the envelope of what's possible in the intersection of art and technology. He played a pivotal role in co-founding DATALAND — the world’s first multi-sensory metaverse “living” art experience to open in a physical space. DATALAND is a pioneering endeavor uniting visionaries from various disciplines, including the arts, scientific research, institutional archives, and advanced technology, all under the artistic guidance of Refik Anadol Studio. Its flagship project, the Large Nature Model, represents a paradigm shift in AI development, being the world's first open-source, generative AI model trained on nature's inherent intelligence.

Christian Burke Portrait

Beyond his technical contributions, Burke is deeply committed to philanthropic endeavors. While working at RAS, Burke has helped raised over seven million dollars for charitable organizations such as St. Jude's, UNICEF, and the Alzheimer's Foundation, embodying a commitment to using technology for positive social impact.

Christian considers Anadol to be a close friend and mentor, from whom he has received a wealth of knowledge over the years, including his focus on genuine, well-intentioned, original work. When Christian isn’t working at the studio or traveling the world installing artwork, he enjoys hiking, playing poker and chess, and meeting up with friends near his home in Los Angeles

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